Travel Tips to Cuba-Consells de Viatges a Cuba

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Travel Tips:

1- Reservations with UnderwaterCuba

- We recommend you when you stay in Varadero, to contact our Instructors, to re-confirm your reservation, information and about the weather and conditions of the sigui.

- In case the of the sigui are not in good conditions to make Immersió lleugera or Diving activities, you can

Cancel the tour or choose one of these options:

1- Bellamar Caves + Saturn Cave ($ 50 per person and if 3 or more people would be $ 45 per person).

(Excellent Touristic center with a beautiful underground cavi with beautiful views and inside it has formations of stalactites and

stalacmites). = hAuecI9WYro

2- Excursió to Saturn Cave

- When you arrive at your hotel in Varadero, many peoples will try to sell excursions similar to ours by others agències, the transportation service of the others agències are in Bus where you will be accompanied by 15 to 25 people and the service of pick up is 30 to 45 minutes due to the delay in the different hotels. With UnderwaterCuba you will receive quality service as you and your family will travel in a private car and an instructor available to guide you. You can check our reviews /

- If you have any problem for assist to our reservation please contact our Instructors es soon as possible, they will attend you at any time. If you do not cancel your reservation and you do not assist, you could affects us since we rent a private car for to provide you a quality service.

3- Seguretat

- Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world where you can enjoy and visit places with the greatest peace of mind since you do not have danger.

- Just do not Excise large sums of money or luxury ítems es this can be dangerous anywhere in the world.

- Your say buy tobacco, rum or other things if its are not sell you in shopping stores or shopping centers.

4- Bring to Cuba

- Cuba is a tropical country, since we recommend you to bring light or cotton clothes. Only bring in the winter months (December, January, February and March) some sweater or coat for the nights.

- Your say take drugs this can be punishable by law. In Cuba, drugs are prohibited.

- We recommend you to check the laws of the Customs of Cuba if you carry in your luggage some unusual object since there are some regulations. Official website of the customs of Cuba

5- Currency in Cuba

- Circulate coins in Cuba:

. The convertible currency (CUC)

. National Currency (CUP)

-The American Units has a 10% Cuban tax in Cuba where approximately US $ 1 will be exchanged for 0.87 CUC, sota

We recommend you travel to Cuba with Euros or other currencies.

-in Cuba you will not find ATMs to extract money from your credit cards in many places, only in Hotels, exchange Houses or some shopping centers.

-Some credit or debit cards issued by American banks are not allowed in Cuba, sota we recommend traveling to Cuba with cash.

Any other question you can contact us at our